Updated October 25 2009

Seems the trend lately is tadalafil. With me it began with Kitsnmore's liquid c/tadalafil.  I continue to use it. Now I make my own liquid c from raw powder unless I find a good deal on the pre-made liquid. Here is a simple recipe to make your own liquid c from raw powder.

This recipe is for a 1/2ml=20mg liquid cialis. Use 1 gram per 50ml liquor for a 1ml=20mg liquid cialis.

Easiest Method

Buy a one shot little bottle of your favorite booze. Add 2 grams tadalafil powder ! You may have to mix in another container if the 50ml bottle is a bit too full to allow the 2 grams to be added without over-flowing.
1/2 ml = 20mg liquid c/ tadalafil !!

A 2 gram mixture

50+ML vial / air tight small bottle
50 ML basically any (80 proof) will do.
Alcohol (liquor) to reduce bacterial growth
You can use a sterile water if you wish not to use alcohol also Ora-Plus can be used.

2 gram (2000mg) powder tadalafil/cialis

results: 50 ML liquid cialis

approximately 1/2ml = 20mg liq. c
1/4ml = 10mg liq. c

Simply mix the solution and powder together in a vial that will allow a bit of free space at the top.

Always shake vigorously prior to pulling a dose

( We were at one time using a recipe of heating up the mixture to a boiling but have found that the reduction in the powder/suspenion was slight )

Your eyedropper that you use, always flush it after using as it will
build up residue and grow bacteria.


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